Trend Alert: Red White & Blue

The nationalistic red, white and blue trend has been especially prevalent this season, with World Cup games and several Summer U.S.A. holidays. But, as evident by the blogosphere, flag-waving designs aren't just for American girls, since street-style mavens have been sporting these hues around the globe. This patriotic trend is especially tasteful when the blue is navy or a distressed denim staple; and when matched with Breton stripes for a Parisian twist. Celebrate fashion blogger solidarity and take a peek at these recent Fourth of July inspired looks ...

@NicolettaReggio - Scent of Obsession

Annabelle @VivaLuxuryBlog

@JessieKass - Seams for a Desire

@RachParcell - Pink Peonies

Jessica @HapaTime

@Christina_Brathune - The Quarter Life Closet

Christina @TropRouge

@BlairEadieBee - Atlantic-Pacific 

@CaitlinClaireXO - A Little Dash of Darling


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